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Brave Squire Tools is a collection of tools for use in .net (including unity3d) applications. It is meant to grow organically with the production of our games and suggestions from the community.

BraveSquire.Tools.Serialization is a Brave Squire's serialization framework (obviously).

  • Offers full control over serialization
  • Produces small output - quickly
  • Handles circular dependencies smoothly
  • Can perform dynamic typing out of the box
  • Can handle changes in serialized types
  • Fits nicely into a dependency injection environment (not a must though).

New in

  • Handles base types more easily
  • Support for attribute annotated types, no coded serializer required for each type anymore

You can read about the basics in the quick start guide here.

Or if you really, really want to know about its inner workings, you can read about the making of it here.

Brave Squire.Tools.Observalbles is Brave Squire's implementation of observable lists.

  • Add, Insert, Move, Remove, Replace and Clear are observable
  • Items are directly movable
  • Collections can directly made publicly accessible as an IReadonlyObservableList

BraveSquire.Tools.Components implements a very lightweight component system.

BraveSquire.Tools.LinearAlgebra implements int- and doubleVectors.

BraveSquire.Tools.Log implements a log system for use in different environments like Win Forms or Unity.

BraveSquire.Persistence is an environment and serialization agnostic persistence system.

BraveSquire.State implements a simple key value store


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